Did you know that today 4th July 2019 we are celebrating Independent Retailer Day?

So who am I?
just BE jewellery was launched 6 years ago in a small converted barn building out in the countryside.
I quickly established myself as favourite independent small business and 5 years ago launched just BE jewellery online after circumstances needed me to spend more time away from the shop.
The name of the business was created in memory of my Mum and the BE in the name just BE jewellery are a combination of my Mum’s initials ( her maiden name and her married name)
This is what gives me the love and determination to work so hard at putting everything into my website.
About me-

I am somewhere between the age of 40 and 90 😄 depending on what day it is.
I love sunshine and all things that sparkle and shine.
My amazing husband is a self employed gardener in our local area and I have two fabulous sons and a beautiful stepdaughter.
As well as my full time work at just BE jewellery,I look after a lazy French Bulldog and a very lively Jack Russell.. Although very different personalities , they have lots of fun together and I have a great time looking after them both.
I spend a lot of time working with my website but when I get chance to relax I love spending my time with my family and the crazy dogs.
I also have a tabby cat who is now a tadge old and moody at times but can be quite a character when he feels like it.

My favourite jewellery brands are JOMA JEWELLERY  the ” littles” collection of message and sentiment bracelets which I absolutely love.

And the equilibrium jewellery and especially their brand new celestial collection

Have a brilliant weekend everyone and lets hope the sun continues to shine throughout the summer.

Postage is just £2.95 per order and yippee it's free when you spend £25 or more. All orders sent via first class Royal Mail- thank you- Sue x Dismiss