Get ahead with your Christmas planning and save


So we are on countdown to Christmas and I for one cannot wait as I love it all.

Yes I know  you might be shouting- “IT’S TOO EARLY ” but I have actually started my shopping and I know a few of you have too.

This guide is here to help you balance your budget and remind you to prep early and it may actually save you in the long run too.

I have been busy searching for gifts that sparkle and shine for you all for Christmas time and I don’t think you will be disappointed.

I have also put together my top tips to prepare for Christmas  to help you love and enjoy your build up to Christmas. It will hopefully give you some useful pointers and guidance to a fairly stress free Christmas based on my past experiences with my family.

The television adverts have begun, the shops are filling up with Christmas goodies, the sofa TV adverts have started and the Christmas Markets advertising is in full swing.

It’s all there to tempt us and inspire us I love it but we can get sucked into Christmas becoming a full time job full of stress and spends.

So before the Christmas shenanigans begin lets start to plan now so that we can enjoy what after all is such a wonderful time of the year.

Put your feet up, grab an early mulled wine and a mice pie and have a little read.


Money saving tips

Before you even grab your purse and head out to the shops or browse the web- have a little read below-

Gift Buying

If you are anything like me then you will have stashed gifts away last year and then not found them until the end of January- have a rummage in your favourite hiding places, you may be surprised and find your hidden stash from last year.

Did you shop in the January sales and stash those too? Don’t forget to get them out too.

Make a list of what you already have and then you can start to think about your Christmas shopping without double buying. 


There’s some great offers out there at the moment- here’s a selection from just BE jewellery-



Treats, chocolate gifts and alcohol

Don’t make my mistake and buy too early- they will be gone way before Christmas

Gift Wrapping

Find out last years stash and any gift bags from last year that you can recycle. I always save mine and re use them.

If you struggle with gift wrapping your gifts then why not use a gift wrapping service or buy a gift that has a gift bag and tag included

just look at these  , they have a carded Christmas message, branded gift bag and gift card


Secret Santa Gifts and thank you teacher gifts

Why not speak to other parents and club together for a thank you gift or have a craft making session with your children and their friends to make something.

Christmas jumper day is on December 14 this year

Do you have a jumper from last year? – no one will remember or care if you wear it again and you can then save that money for a donation to the charitable cause.

The Kiddywinks

Is their list as long as your arm yet?

I have made the same mistake time and time again. They wanted it, I wanted them to have it so I bought it and even at times queued for it.

It’s really not unusual for your child to want everything they see in the television adverts- work through their list and have a think on what the actual play value of the toy is.

Believe me, when the big day arrives they will not remember everything that they put on their list

In my experience many toys  and can be a big let down due to clever advertising and media hype. The batteries run out too quickly and I promise you that there’s nothing worse than no batteries on Christmas day when the shops are shut.

Maybe pick just one gift off their list and then go for something more traditional with big play value and quality – they will be happy bunnies and you will too.

Here’s a fab website for you . I will not lie, this is my sister Jane’s shop and she has lots of knowledge and experience to guide you through your Kiddy Christmas gifts that they will love for more than just on Christmas Day

Cheshire Toy Shop


Christmas decorations

Get into the loft,garage,shed and check out last years decorations. You will be surprised what you already have that you have totally forgotten about.

You may have purchased some new ones last year or you may have your traditional favourites that you want to use but refresh with a few new bits and bobs.


Christmas lights

Plug them in and check they work-  you might just need a couple of new bulbs instead of a full set

Christmas postage dates

Speak to your staff at your local Post Office and pick up a Christmas Delivery leaflet ( pop it on your pin board) or check online here- make sure you leave plenty of time for delivery especially if you are posting internationally

Click here for Royal Mail Christmas Posting Dates

Christmas Day planning and entertaining coming on next blog

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Thank you and I hope this has given you a a starting point and some useful tips- try to enjoy it 🙂

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