Have you wondered how I decide what products I want to include on the just BE jewellery website ,well here’s a little insight  into it happens..

So these are my thoughts when  considering new collections to include in the just BE jewellery ranges

Lots of love, sparkle and a little bit of fun.

That’s it really and it seems to work.

I believe in affordable goodies and gifts that are of the best possible quality with the most up to date designs and colours.

I buy little and often to keep the collections fresh and up to date incorporating all the latest trends and styles.


The first brand that I began to stock was the equilibrium range of message and sentiment jewellery.

I’m a real softy for anything with a meaningful message or mantra.

I was already a huge fan of equilibrium jewellery and as I already owned several pieces of this collection myself, I was totally confident that their jewellery  was great quality and there are sooo many designs to choose from. With their beautiful gift packaging included this jewellery was an easy selection for me.

Browse the equilibrium collection here 



The next collection to join just BE jewellery was the “a littles” range from JOMA JEWELLERY and I just love-love-love this collection. JOMA JEWELLERY has been a huge hit with their gorgeous range of sentiment and fun silver plated bracelets and  JOMA JEWELLERY branded packaging.

Layer them up on your wrist as your collection grows and grows.

Browse the JOMA JEWELLERY Collection here



KATIE LOXTON fashion accessories were a natural progression after the success of the JOMA JEWELLERY collection.

KATIE LOXTON is the sister company to JOMA JEWELLERY and have such a unique style creating beautiful accessories for everyone.

The KATIE LOXTON  classic Perfect Pouches all have a KATIE LOXTON style message on the front of them and with so many to choose from and in so many colour choices they are a perfect gift for those special friends and family members.

Browse the KATIE LOXTON Collection here

One of the latest additions to just BE jewellery are the KATIE LOXTON secret pouches.

Made from vegan leather, they have a KATIE LOXTON golden handwritten style message on the outside and shhhhhhhh- a secret message on the inside. They come complete with a KATIE LOXTON branded gift bag and gift tag

Browse the KATIE LOXTON  secret pouches here



HARRY POTTER, well what can I say 😊 A truly magical collection of the official HARRY POTTER silver plated jewellery . I spotted these at the NEC spring trade fair and could not resist.All designs have been approved by Warner Bros themselves.

A must for any true Harry Potter fan and who can resist a Dobby in their lives?

Browse the Harry Potter collection here


I really do hope you agree that there is something for everyone .

Thank you for taking the time to read  –Sue x  just BE jewellery

Don’t forget to leave a little sparkle wherever you go.








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