pave set jewellery

Since the launch of my fabulous and sparkly celestial jewellery from the equilibrium collection of jewellery I have constantly talked about the glorious pave setting that some of the gorgeous jewellery pieces have in their design.
Then I suddenly thought- oh I wonder if everyone knows what a pave setting actually is.
I actually discovered the amazing world of gem setting when studying for my Jewellery Education Certificate with the National Association of Jewellers.
Pave is pronounced – parveh
In simple terms pave set jewellery is stunning, beautiful and extremely sparkly.
The word pave comes from the french word for pavement and this may give you a clue as to what the pave design is all about.The pave setting is inspired by cobbled stone pavements.
Pave setting consists of tiny sparkling stones that are set very closely together meaning more stones can be set into a small area.The result is what looks like a continuous surface of sparkling stones which makes for a fabulously extra sparkly effect that outshines any other jewellery design for sparkle.
More stones,more sparkle.
I’ve included some examples for you in this blog and you can find all the designs here-

They are from the equilibrium Celestial Moon and Stars Collection available here at just BE jewellery online.

I hope you have enjoyed reading all about the wonders of pave set jewellery.
Always leave a little sparkle wherever you go.

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